Origin Update: Peru

Updates on coffee availability, harvest, pricing, quality outlook, and more

Courtney Smith
October 9, 2023

Our Head of Procurement (Joanne) spent some time in Peru (and Brazil) to close out the summer, visiting with many of our existing producing partners in the regions (and some promising new parters). We still have some fantastic lots from Peru available for great value, so we thought we'd share a quick origin update along with some availability and price information. See what's available (directly below), and read on for deeper updates on harvest, pricing, quality outlook, and more!

Available Coffees

From Peru's Cajamarca region (shipment in October, but feel free to reach out to us for more details):

SCA 84–85 organic farmer group blend washed priced at $2.90–3.40 USD/lb.

  • dense fruit, herbal upfront, plum fruit, good sweetness*

SCA 86+ organic single farm microlot washed priced at $4.10–4.45/lb.

  • will vary completely depending on the coffee*

86+ community lot natural priced at $5.00/lb.

  • boozy, fruit, candy-like, bright*

Samples for our Peru selection will be available soon, with deliveries expected in early January.

Get in touch with Joanne if you're interested in these coffees!

*ideas—profile notes vary depending on the lot

Origin Update

Peru's harvest season is in full swing. Here's a closer look at what's happening:

Peak Harvest Time

Right now, it's the peak harvest season for the higher altitudes, starting in May and continuing across the country. The harvest this year has been a bit more spread out than usual—often by now, it's expected to be in the finishing stages. In some areas there’s an influx of volume due to the rain pattern being a bit different than what's usually expected.

Quality on the Rise

In terms of quality, we are seeing a better average than over the last 2 years. We're also seeing more production of naturals than ever before. Generally up in the mountains where it's humid, naturals are difficult—it takes a long time to dry and there can be issues with the ferment. But we've seen some promising new methods for mitigating these issues on our visit, which is great for maintaining quality standards.

Pricing Challenges

Internally, there has been a significant shift in pricing. Last year, prices were in the range of 900–1500 sol for kintal (55.2kg) of parchment. High parchment prices led to cooperatives and exporters prioritizing fulfilling contracts over profits, resulting in financial strains. Defaults occurred on both sides, prompting many producers to seek new partnerships. Additionally, a 75% cut in financing reduced competition, softening demand and pushing prices down internally. This year, we're seeing pricing ranging from 560–800 sol for good quality coffees. Of course, we work with suppliers maintaining a higher internal price point, and have longterm partners to whom we still want to pay a good price.

Sample Availability

Sample orders for our Peru selection will be available soon, with deliveries expected in early January.

Variety and Value from Peru

As noted above, we have some really good valued coffee available for reasonable prices through partners to whom we are committed. Our Cajamarca offerings include a fantastic SCA 84–85 washed farmer group blend priced at $2.90–3.40 USD per pound. For those seeking even higher quality, we have an SCA 86+ single farm lot of washed priced at $4.10–4.45 per pound. And don't miss out on our exceptional natural coffee, an SCA 86+ community lot priced at $5.00 per pound. These coffees are scheduled for shipment in October, but feel free to reach out to us for more details.

Coffee Origin Trip to Peru for 2024

Peru timelines are dependent on altitude, with lower-altitude harvests coming before that of higher altitudes. Generally, you can plan a visit sometime from May to July for harvest and production and sometime from August to November for cupping. August is a good month to visit, as you can catch the backend of production while being there for early cupping. You can read more on our tried-and-true recommendations for planning a successful coffee origin trip here.

Pictured: Joanne Berry with producer Melvin & his grandmother Yolanda at his farm in Lonya Grande, Peru

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