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Unique, transparent, sustainably and ethically sourced coffee shipped direct to your roaster from some of the best coffee farmers out there.

Tropiq sourcing

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We source unique green specialty coffee for roasters and importers

Global coffee team

Global team

We have teams on the ground in Ethiopia, Uganda and Colombia whose jobs are to find, foster and maintain farmer relationships in all coffee producing countries we work with.

Quality control

Quality control

We always aim to source the best. We assure quality objectively and never compromise. Should it not live up to expectations, we improve quality of the milling, find a replacement or continue the search for you.

Experimental Coffee

Experimental coffee

We're constantly looking for new ways to discover flavours in coffee. Our portfolio is expanding and improved on a yearly basis.

Transparency rapport

Transparency report

We gather pricing information and generate a  price transparency report for the coffee that you purchased.

Customer service

Exclusive customer service

We customise a coffee portfolio for you, gather all necessary information and handle the export process. We're always available and take care of everything so you don't need to.

Morten Wennersgaard

“Regardless of the volume customers are searching for, we always look for the highest scoring and best version of its kind.”



We regularly update our quality and sustainability indicators.

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We lower the risk of sourcing coffee and assure your quality.


Determine your needs

A member of the sourcing team will assist you in determining your exact needs. You'll then be onboarded onto the Tropiq supply chain.


Receive samples

We send you a carefully curated selection of samples. You only have to roast, cup and give us and the supplier feedback.


Ship your container

Once you've done your final selection, we consolidate the container and manage everything for you.


Take control of your coffee. Reduce costs and increase quality. Start sourcing direct.

why use tropiq

Our service is ideal for small, medium and large roasters looking to increase quality and coffee buying model.

Tropiq sourcing

100-300 bags

All coffees are located in origin. We curate a selection and send a sample pack.

Tropiq sourcing

300+ bags

We can accommodate any order with 83-90+ scoring coffees.


Frequently asked questions

How can I buy coffee through Tropiq?

Our mission is to deliver some of the best coffee in the world to roasters, direct from origin. Push start and let us know what coffee you're looking for and we'll send you samples that best represents your needs. As soon as you have received and cupped your samples, we encourage you to share your opinion with us. If you like the coffee and want to move forward, we'll guide you through building a purchase order and we'll manage the rest.

How are you different from other green coffee importers?

We don’t have a traditional offer list because we offer more than just coffee. We customise the offer. We help  roasters increase their quality of greens and source direct from origin. Our services lead to  lower overhead costs, while still paying farmers a good premium. 

Our global network of buyers, QC, and logistics experts work in Norway, and on the ground in Ethiopia, and Colombia. We offer a diversity of expertise and experience to make direct green coffee sourcing hassle free. 

What do I need to start buying?

You only need to know what you like and what coffees you want to source. We Introduce you to the right suppliers and deliver on quality.

What is the Tropiq service fee?

A service fee is transparently communicated to you and covers the maintenance and development of the Tropiq origin offices, back-office costs and sustainability projects.

What is the minimum that I can order?

For a shipment direct from origin to your doorstep, the minimum order is 100 bags.This will vary between 60 kg and 70 kg depending on the origin of choice. Smaller volumes can be organised at an additional cost.

What does FOB stand for?

Freight on Board (FOB) includes all production and handling costs incurred in the coffee producing country of origin. This covers the price paid to the grower including the specialty premium above the market price, milling, bagging, haulage by road at the origin, exportation fees and quality assurance. In other words, FOB covers all the costs from the farm until the coffee bags are loaded onto the ship at the port in, or nearest to, the country of origin.

Take control of your coffee. Reduce costs and increase quality. Start sourcing direct.