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Unique, sustainably and ethically sourced coffee shipped from some of the best growers in the world.

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Tropiq was founded to give people confidence in the coffee they buy from producers. We have years of experience recognising potential and fostering quality through programs with trustworthy individuals.

Our teams on the ground and Oslo curate a wide selection of coffees while aiming to find your target profile, price volume, and maintain rigorous quality control until containers leave port.

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We are committed to securing the future of specialty coffee by building a supply chain that is financially, environmentally and socially sustainable.

We believe that a number of coffee producing countries are misunderstood where the vast majority tend to accept the most common forms of production as the rule, without exception. Tropiq aims to change the stereotype by offering a variety of processes and profiles with full traceability back to the supplier.

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“Tropiq enabled us to start buying high scoring coffees directly from Ethiopia. They guided us through the process with high success.”

Kenji Kojima - Fuglen

“Tropiq understands what we need. They've made sourcing coffee from a complex origin such as Ethiopia easier and more reliable.”

Fraser Lovell - Coffee Supreme

“Tropiq is always looking for solutions to any logistical problem.”

Jeff Fleming - APEX

“Tropiq has enabled me to build relationships and a steady supply of sustainable high quality coffee in several origins.”

Fergus - Roasted Brown

“We've been impressed with the quality provided for micro-lots and volume coffees that we require for our production”

Alex - Solberg & Hansen


How can I buy coffee through Tropiq?


Our mission is to enable roasters to source and buy coffee from sustainable producers direct from origin. Contact us regarding the origin that you are looking at and we'll send you samples that best represents your needs. As soon as you have received and cupped your samples, we encourage you to share your opinion with us. If you like the coffee and want to move forward, send us a purchase order and we'll manage the coffee is unloaded at port.

How are you different from other green coffee importers?


We don’t have a traditional offer list because we offer more than just coffee. We help  roasters source direct from origin, so they can buy unique high quality coffees with lower overhead costs, while still paying the coffee farmers a good premium. 

Our global network of buyers, QC, and logistics experts work in Norway, and on the ground in Ethiopia, and Colombia. We offer a diversity of expertise and experience to make direct green coffee sourcing simple. 

What is the minimum that I can order?


Our minimum order is 100 bags. This will vary between 60 kg and 70 kg depending on the origin of choice. Smaller volumes can be organised for an additional cost.

What does FOB stand for?


Freight on Board (FOB) includes all production and handling costs incurred in the coffee producing country of origin. This covers the price paid to the grower including the specialty premium above the market price, milling, bagging, haulage by road at the origin, exportation fees and quality assurance. In other words, FOB covers all the costs from the farm until the coffee bags are loaded onto the ship at the port in, or nearest to, the country of origin.

What is the Tropiq service fee?


The only cost is on the day you decide to buy coffee through Tropiq. A service fee is transparently communicated to you and covers the maintenance and development of the Tropiq origin offices, and back office costs.