Are you passionate about coffee and ready to turn your love for the industry into a fulfilling career? At Tropiq, we welcome individuals who share our enthusiasm and are eager to challenge themselves. If you are ready to take the leap and join our team, we encourage you to apply and embark on an exciting journey with us. Take the first step towards a rewarding career by applying now and becoming a part of our dedicated coffee community.

Company Advantages

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We recognize that certain aspects of our work can be effectively carried out remotely. We offer opportunities for remote work, providing you with the flexibility to contribute from anywhere while enjoying the benefits of travel and coffee education. As part of our team, you'll have the chance to explore different coffee origins, immerse yourself in the world of coffee, and actively contribute to building sustainable value chains. Join us on this exciting journey where remote work blends seamlessly with hands-on experiences in creating a brighter future for the coffee industry.

Company Culture

Our company culture thrives on being a social and supportive crew. We foster a collaborative environment where teamwork and cross-functional collaboration are highly valued. We believe in the power of sharing experiences and knowledge, working together to create an exceptional sourcing company. With a collective aim to be the best in the industry, we nurture a culture of continuous improvement and encourage each team member to contribute their unique perspectives and skills. Join our team and be a part of a dynamic and inclusive work culture dedicated to excellence.

Flexible Hours

We prioritize efficiency, execution, and propelling the company forward. We understand that achieving these goals sometimes requires flexibility in working hours. We empower our team members by granting them the freedom to adapt their schedules, whether it means working early mornings or late nights. We value results and trust our employees to manage their time effectively, ensuring a productive and balanced work environment that promotes personal and professional growth.

Wide Experience

As a growing company, Tropiq offers a dynamic environment where we are building together as a unified team. There is a wide range of tasks and projects to tackle, providing ample opportunities to expand your experience and knowledge. We believe in a hands-on approach and encourage every team member to get involved and explore their passions. At Tropiq, you have the freedom to discover what truly inspires you while working alongside a supportive team that is committed to personal and professional growth.

Sophie Moore
Chef du marketing

"Travailler pour Startup X n'a été rien de moins qu'une expérience incroyable".

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