We want to show you what Brazilian coffees can be when producers make enough to be able to invest in production. Expect to be blown away by fruit forward and some wildly expressive naturals, as well as clean, milk chocolate and sweet coffees that satisfies any coffee drinker.

What we source

We have spent the last 3 or 4 years going back to the same producers or groups of producers, buying coffees that meet our quality requirements. By sharing our knowledge in processing and market trends, we've developed a steady and reliable supply of unique, rarely seen in Brazil, coffees. Jaguara is one of those farms that we've committed to buying volumes from. The relationship with Natalia and Andre dates back as far as 2015 when we initially decided to focus on developing our Brazil strategy.

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The future of Brazil

In these difficult times, cost of production is increasing at an alarming rate. In order to keep investing in their crop, sustainably, producers have to manage their production to minimise costs, but we as buyers also have a responsibility to revisit the old pricing model and the preconceived belief that Brazil only has cheap, less exciting, coffees.

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Our projects

We focus on creating a stable market for the producers we buy from, working with them to capture their volumes of normal coffee as well as giving them an avenue through which they can make better margins through additional or specially prepared coffees.

Take control of your coffee. Reduce costs and increase quality. Start sourcing direct.


Come visit us in our offices around the world.

If you're passing by one of our origin offices, we always have some space for you to catch up on your own work and cup with us.

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