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Frequently asked questions

What does "starting blocks" mean?

We search for the best quality within each category. Essentials is aimed at roasters that need a volume coffee for blends, corporate accounts, supermarket client or other. 2.30 USD/lb is the lowest price, respecting our quality standards and farmer wages, we can find anywhere in the world.

What does the price include?

The price is FOB and includes the price paid to producers and the Tropiq fee. It excludes shipping and importing costs.

What's the Tropiq fee?

Tropiq sells a service that requires a global effort. We taste thousands of samples to curate the best possible selection for our clients. Add an endless email thread, trips to warehouses and exporters, phone calls to shipping companies, stacks of paperwork and handling any unforeseen issues such as a pandemic or global container shortage you should have an idea of what the price includes.

Do you gather information and marketing content?

Our satellite offices and team of buyers are responsible for gathering all the required data for our traceability database. You'll have access to pictures, relevant information and stories from the field.

Do you arrange shipment?

The short answer is yes. We manage the export process, overlook the stuffing of the container and manage all the shipping documents. The long answer is that we require a service contract from you (an agreement with a shipping company) as not all countries allow for third parties to export in the name of the customer.

How are you different?

We don’t have a traditional offer list because we offer more than just coffee. We customise the offer. We help  roasters increase their quality of greens and source direct from origin. Our services lead to  lower overhead costs, while still paying farmers a good premium. 

Our global network of buyers, QC, and logistics experts work in Norway, and on the ground in Ethiopia, and Colombia. We offer a diversity of expertise and experience to make direct green coffee sourcing hassle free.