We are amazed by the potential in Peru. With simple equipment and minimal infrastructure or support from the government, farmers can produce outstanding coffees. Sadly most of these quality lots go into a big pile which is sold for an extremely low price. Producers are generally paid for a certification, and not for quality, so they don’t invest in improving quality. Fortunately things are changing. We incentivise quality in this origin by creating quality programs in small communities, building protocols, and paying solid premiums to our producers.  

What we source

Since we started working with Peru a couple years ago, our sourcing has focused on three primary distinctions: micro, cooperative, and community lots. This differentiation speak more to the lot size and traceability than to the quality or profile, as we have encountered 87+ cups and complex characteristics among all three.

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The future of Peru

With its longstanding heritage of organic agriculture, we believe that Peru is the archetype for quality coffee production in the modern age. Their implementation of social and environmental sustainability projects go hand-in-hand with the values that the specialty coffee sector searches for.

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Enriching farming cooperatives and the communities that they serve through drafting contracts as early as possible in the season could be one of the most sustainable acts a buyer can make for producers.

Take control of your coffee. Reduce costs and increase quality. Start sourcing direct.


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