Finding a supplier that matches your values can be tough, especially when you're just starting out. With Tropiq's pre-selected lots and broad range of producers it becomes easier to find exactly what you need for your roaster. Let the coffees speak for itself and start cupping!

Calendar and updates

Know when the harvest starts and ends, when the first samples are ready and when you should be making decisions. See when your coffee can be ready for shipment and when it's supposed to land.

Portfolio diversification

Consolidating the perfect coffee menu for your customers can be challenging. We guarantee high quality everywhere we source and will happily build a portfolio of world class coffees for your roaster.

Strategic procurement

Not sure what volumes you should be buying from the different origins? or what qualities to go for? We propose different scenarios and price points and guide you all the way.

Knowledge transfer

Our team has more than a decade of experience sourcing and selling specialty coffee. Our knowledge is your knowledge if you're curious enough to ask for it.

Portfolio planning

We help you forecast your stock and organise future needs, making sure that you're never empty or over-exposed.

Take control of your coffee. Reduce costs and increase quality. Start sourcing direct.