The coffees we source and the partners we choose often make it to the cup of excellence confirming that we've perfected the art of cupping fresh coffees and predicting it's future state.

On the ground

The Tropiq Ethiopia team strictly follows up on each step of the value chain to make sure we provide high quality and traceable coffee directly from origin. Read more to learn exactly what this work involves.

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Achieving quality

Creating and maintaining quality in a cup of specialty coffee requires several finely-tuned value additions along the supply chain. Read on to discover the factors that have the great influence on the quality of green coffee from farm to port.

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Each harvest we conduct farm and washing station visits and obtain information on prices and productivity, as well as the progress of harvesting and processing cherries. We observe and consult on processing methods, meet farmers that deliver to the stations, check the progress of social responsibility and community empowerment projects undertaken by partners, and create relationships with stations managers and staff. This way we continue tracing the coffee in parchment as we do with cherries. Read more here.

Morten Wennersgaard

"It's taken years to develop supply chains that deliver high quality consistently. I firmly believe we're come to a point where we can offer some of the best coffees produced in Ethiopia.”



We regularly update our quality and sustainability indicators.

Regions we work in Ethiopia.
Exporting partners we collaborate with.
Average score for all coffee we source.
Year we started working on the ground.

Estimated Cost Of Goods

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Example: In 2021 price fluctuated between low 3000's to 9000 ETB/Feresula. At the time 1 USD = 48 ETB.
Read this article for context.

1 Feresula is the equivalent of 17 Kg of parchment.
We assume that there's an additional cost of 250 ETB at washing station level.
We assume that there's 10% reject.
*The indicated price does not include milling and export costs.

Our projects

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