Henok Kebede

Logistics and Documentation Manager

Ensures project deadlines are met with precision


Henok Kebede

Our Logistics and Documentation Manager, Henok Kebede, is a dynamic professional who brings a wealth of experience from his tenure at the MSC Mediterranean Shipping Company. His deep-rooted understanding of shipping logistics, honed over a decade, is instrumental in streamlining our operations at Tropiq. Henok's contributions go beyond managing logistics; he infuses the essence of teamwork into our culture, and ensures project deadlines are met with precision. His role is not just about guiding coffee from farm to cup; it's about ensuring every step in that journey is as seamless and efficient as possible​.

Henok's professional journey at MSC has fostered a diverse and robust skillset. His acumen in marketing empowers him to strategize effectively, while his teamwork skills contribute to a harmonious work environment. As a seasoned project manager, Henok has an eye for detail and a knack for coordinating complex operations. His proficiency in sales and marketing acts as a catalyst in driving the organization's growth. Moreover, his communication skills serve as a bridge between various stakeholders, ensuring smooth operations. His wide-ranging skills, fortified by his rich experience, render him an invaluable asset to the Tropiq team.

Past Experience

During his 10-year stint at the MSC Mediterranean Shipping Company, Henok developed an impressive repertoire of skills. His exposure to different facets of the company, ranging from export operations to team management, has equipped him with a unique perspective on the shipping industry. This versatility, combined with his academic credentials including a graduate degree in marketing management and a FIATA Diploma, has fostered a robust skillset that is integral to his role at Tropiq.

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