Helen Leake

Regional Logistics Specialist

Helen Leake brings a wealth of knowledge and experience in logistics and shipping to Tropiq


Helen Leake

Helen Leake brings a wealth of knowledge and experience in logistics and shipping to Tropiq, having honed her skills for over five years at CMA CGM. She stands out for her ability to navigate complex logistical challenges, a testament to her extensive experience in Logistics, Import Export, Process Improvement, and Supply Chain. Helen spots opportunities and help Tropiq continue to grow and evolve, always staying one step ahead in a fast-paced industry. Additionally, enabling the company to streamline its services and ensure consistent delivery of its offerings. Her experience in sales and e-commerce dovetails nicely with the broader talents of the team. Helen is a whiz at report writing and quote preparation, providing key support to our marketing and sales efforts. And, she's an excellent communicator, which is crucial in a business where we interact with so many different people from around the world.

Helen holds a Master of Arts in Organizational Leadership and a Bachelor's degree in Marketing Management from Unity University, the first privately owned institute of higher learning awarded full-fledged university status in Ethiopia. Unity University is renowned for its postgraduate programs leading to master's degrees in business administration (MBA) and development economics. Her education at this esteemed institution, known for its commitment to research, community service, and providing quality education, has equipped Helen with the logistics skills and marketing acumen integral to her success in her role at Tropiq.

In short, Helen's skills are an integral part of what makes Tropiq work. She strengthens our team, complements our strengths, and helps us all work better together.

Past Experience

Helen's journey in the field of logistics has been marked by a series of impressive roles. She served at CMA CGM for over 2.5 years as a Sales and Marketing Specialist, where she sharpened her abilities in Quote Preparation, Report Writing, Sales, and E-Commerce. This experience laid the foundation for her subsequent role as a Commercial Officer at Maccfa Freight Logistics, where she further developed her logistics expertise over a period of two years.

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