Hanna Wille

Senior Global Logistics Coordinator

Motivated and highly structured individual


Hanna Wille

Hanna Wille, our Senior Global Logistics Coordinator, is a motivated and highly structured individual. Her diverse international background, having lived in several countries, has equipped her with the ability to navigate complex logistics scenarios and communicate effectively in multiple languages including French, English, and Dutch. Hanna's acumen for analysis and organization stems from her past experience in the oil industry, where she honed her ability to create overviews and find solutions to problems.

Hanna's tenure at Tropiq began as a Logistics Coordinator where she put her skills to practice. Her expertise extends to warehouse management systems, document management, international logistics, and supply chain optimization. Her time at Tropiq has also seen her demonstrate her analytical skills and knowledge of payment systems. With her recent promotion to Senior Global Logistics Coordinator, she continues to optimize our logistics and supply chain processes, complementing the expertise of her colleagues and contributing to the overall success of our operations

Past Experience

Before joining Tropiq, Hanna worked in the oil and gas industry, and she held various roles including a Vendor Qualification Coordinator and a Supply Chain Intern at BW Offshore. There, she was instrumental in improving communications between her employer and vendors based in North and South America, and managed to reduce vendor qualification timelines by 60%. This was achieved through her effective engagement with key stakeholders. Additionally, Hanna provided valuable assistance to sourcing managers, conducting thorough investigations into potential services, products, and pricing.

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