Adham Yonis

Ethiopia Country Manager

A US army veteran with over 8 years of experience in the coffee industry


Adham Yonis

Adham Yonis, our Country Manager in Ethiopia, brings a wealth of experience and passion to Tropiq. A US army veteran with over 8 years of experience in the coffee industry, Adham's skills and network are indispensable to our operations. His experience is highly diversified, having been instrumental in setting up a 200+ container supply chain, managing everything from station acquisition to farmer and managerial training, fermentation, milling, sales, export and more. Adham's passion for coffee and people surpasses most, making him a valuable asset to our team.

Adham's extensive skill set dovetails seamlessly with the collective strengths of the Tropiq team. His strategic sourcing and project management acumen support our ongoing mission to discover unique coffee offerings and enhance our supply chain efficiency. His deep knowledge and passion for specialty coffee enrich our collective coffee expertise, furthering our commitment to bringing exceptional coffee to the global stage. His experience managing large supply chains is integral to our logistics operations, helping to ensure a smooth journey for our coffee from farm to cup.His security and risk assessment abilities, honed during his time in the US army, is not to be overlooked as it adds a vital layer of oversight and safety to our operations. Furthermore, Adham's cross-cultural communication skills are a testament to Tropiq's commitment to fostering strong relationships in a diverse global coffee community.In essence, Adham's unique experiences and skills not only complement but also amplify the depth and breadth of capabilities within the Tropiq team, reinforcing our collective mission to revolutionize the coffee supply chain.

Past Experience

Before joining Tropiq, Adham spent 7 years as the Director of Operations at Testi Specialty Coffee in Ethiopia. Under his leadership, Testi Coffee Estate won a prize at the first Cup of Excellence held in Ethiopia in 2020, marking a significant milestone for Ethiopian specialty coffee. Adham was involved in every step of the process, from hand-cultivating a farm in the middle of the Bench Maji jungle to managing the processing and distribution of their award-winning coffee.

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