Feria de Especialidad con Café

Developed by Colombian partner COOCENTRAL in collaboration with Tropiq to train Huila coffee farmers and their families in  post-harvest coffee processes

The Event

The Specialty Coffee Fair was created as a yearly pedagogical project to serve as a benchmark of quality in Colombia. Held over 3 days, it includes seminars led by a panel of coffee professionals with expertise in areas of post-harvest processing, cupping, physical analysis, roasting, and barista skills.

A young woman with a microphone welcoming participants
Two women pouring ground coffee into filters

Event Goals

The aim is to increase consumption of high-quality regional coffees, while bringing young people from Huila closer to the world of specialty coffee and the various careers offered within the industry. The program is set up to also train participants and allow COOCENTRAL to identify potential baristas, lab assistants, or roasters for employment.

2023 Program Details

The third edition of the COOCENTRAL Specialty Coffee Fair will take place from March 29 to 31 at the different facilities of the Cooperativa Central de Caficultores del Huila. The panel of experts will include COOCENTRAL's certified Q-graders Yessika Ciceri and Emilio Monje as well as Tropiq Colombia's Juan Suarez.

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Men with spoons cupping coffee

Tropiq values financial, social, and environmental sustainability. By supporting COOCENTRAL's efforts to further educate attendees to allow them to better understand  the final consumer expectation, we aim to encourage and empower the next generation of coffee professionals. The aim is to show them that there are options and tools to further develop their careers, which we hope will have a direct impact on both quality of life for upcoming generations of coffee growers and in the final quality of the coffee they produce.

Morten Wennersgaard

“I always had an interest in understanding the flavor of the coffee produced by my parents, and I’m looking forward to improving my skills to help them in the future. Events like this are showing us things we never had access to, like understanding how a roasting machine works or how to properly brew a cup of coffee."

Paola Andrea Villaquira Medina
Farm Santa Elena, El Agrado (Huila)


We regularly update our quality and sustainability indicators.

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